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A. Aroua and M. Dhina, “pacifists” from Switzerland, vs A. Bensaada the “counter-revolutionary conspiracist

by Hope Jzr
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It started with Dr Bensaada’s stunning book “Qui sont ces ténors autoproclamés du Hirak algérien” (Who are the self-proclaimed leaders of the Algerian Hirak), which laid bare the manipulation and financing of Algerians by the American NED. Its publication caused more spittle than ink to flow. Most of the critics, having only read a few pieces of journalism, took a crude swipe at the author, the preface writer Majed Nehmé, the postface writer Richard Labévière and even the publisher. The most singular among them is the Islamist movement “Rachad”, which originated from the former FIS and is still active in Europe, particularly from Switzerland.

Rachad to the rescue of the “self-proclaimed tenors of the Hirak
The most unusual thing is that the Islamists of “Rachad” (classified as a terrorist organisation in Algeria), which is well established in Europe, particularly in Switzerland, came to the rescue of the accused “democrats”. Even the “spring” Algerian daily El Watan preferred to black out its readers! This newspaper supported all the aberrant alliances aiming at bringing down the legal “power” (rachadists, makists, badissists, the “issabists” gang in prison, opportunists…). Rachad, after videos castigating Dr Bensaada, suddenly replied with a book of nearly 300 pages, entitled “In defence of the hirak: Deconstructing Counter-Revolutionary Conspiracy” – prefaced by the pro-Islamist ”éminence grise”, former President-designate of Tunisia, Moncef Marzouki whose diplomatic passport has just been withdrawn from him for ”undermining the internal and external security of Tunisia” – by which he is accused of being a ”conspiracist” because his ”opuscule” denounces their ”springtime” project by evidence from NED/CIA documents and wikileaks cables! They took ten to fight back! https://hoggar.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/En_defense_du_hirak.pdf We would have liked this “book” – which the London-based affabulator Larbi Zitout makes into a “masterpiece” in his videos – to provide us with counter-evidence on what Dr Bensaada has affirmed. https://fr.calameo.com/read/00036684692a43cc1f19d . Instead, we read texts that are similar to courses on manipulation, conspiracy, the foreign hand, Islam; then a part glorifying “Rachad” and “Al Karama”, the “Houkm ar-Rachid” (good governance) and some principles of Islam. A book that mobilised a dozen authors – qualified as “academic skills” – finished in four months, to reply to a “kouteyb” made by a single person who devoted a year of research to it? “It’s David against Goliath”? Among these skills, there is Dr. Aroua, Director of the Hoggar.org website, one of the founding members of Rachad and Al Karama based in Switzerland, in charge of “human rights in Arab countries”. He is also the director of the Cordoba Peace Institute in Geneva, which works for the “prevention of violence and the promotion of peace; to encourage exchange between cultures and civilisations in the spirit of Cordoba”. https://cpi-geneva.org/fr/ Aroua is a medical physicist and also declares himself to be a human rights and peace activist. After his DES in electronics in Algiers, he continued his studies in the United Kingdom, then in Switzerland, where he has lived since 1988. He contributed to the book with a chapter entitled “Non-violence in Algeria: imperialist plot or endogenous phenomenon” in which he refers to Dr Bensaada only in the “conspiracy” sense. He presented no evidence to refute the author! He focused his article on “non-violence in the ‘Islamic tradition and the Arab world'”. Islamic’ tradition or ‘Muslim’ tradition? A big difference, because after the death of the Prophet (pbuh), a certain questionable hermeneutics appeared – in contradiction with the Islam of the Koran and the authentic facts and gestures of the Prophet – aiming to guide the life of the Muslim in his slightest actions and gestures, since the Umayyad and Abbasid times without any other possibilities of interpretation!

Aroua: the first violence started in the “coup d’état of January 1992

In his introduction, he approached Bensaada’s book from the angle that the Arab revolts are the result of a popular will and not of foreign interference or manipulation. For him, this desire to make it a “coloured” revolution is only a plot fomented by the “Algerian power”, helped by “voices…enjoying the blessing of the Arab authoritarian regimes”. Aroua classifies Bensaada among these “voices” for Algeria, reproaching him for accusing these “self-proclaimed” hiraks of working for foreign interests! For him, the first violence began with the “coup d’état of January 1992…by the coup regime” (dissolution of the FIS); implying that the “services” “wanted this violent reaction” to make it a reason for legitimate repression. If he considers that violent action should be assessed by its “effectiveness in the face of an authoritarian and powerfully armed adversary”, he is, in a way, exonerating this “military regime” on the origin of this violence! If he recognises the borrowing by our young people of certain terms and slogans from the world movement, “this does not make them ‘Trojan horses’ facilitating the takeover of imperialism…”. Aroua even saw a reciprocal influence where the slogan “Yetnahaw ga3” (all must be removed) is taken up by crowds in the US chanting “Remove them all”. He then went into detail, drawing on the history of the Islamic world to explain that non-violence “is rooted in the ‘Islamic tradition’…” while attempting to deconstruct Bensaada’s “thesis” by drawing on extracts from his book, using a sociological and historical approach, he said: “to make sense of the advent of the Algerian hirak and its non-violent nature…[with] elements of explanation drawn from the country’s recent history…”

Aroua’s ‘Islamic’ approach to non-violence

Acknowledging that religions, cultures, races are essentially peaceful and non-violent, he relativises by pointing out that they sometimes “allow the use of violence under certain conditions” by recalling the violence suffered by Muslims in Sri Lanka, Tibet and Myanmar. Aroua does not say whether the ‘violent’ response of the Algerian Army, aided by the self-defence groups of the villages, is valid with his ‘under certain conditions’, when they annihilated the armed Islamic groups that murdered tens of thousands of citizens (women, children, old people, intellectuals, journalists, artists, teachers etc.). He defined non-violence from a rather religious approach, insisting that Islam forbids it, but “authorises the believer to resist it in the best way”, stressing that “as the majority of societies live under the oppression of illegitimate, authoritarian and corrupt regimes…they only practice ‘ad-Dafâ’ (defence)”. He then turned to “Nonviolence in Arab terminology”, citing the terms used, and ended with the title “Nonviolence in the Arab world before 2011”, where he quoted “Stephen Zunes et al. “who classified as “non-violent” the revolts in Egypt 1919, Golan 1980, Sudan 1985, Palestinian intifada 1987, Algeria 1988; stressing that the choice of non-violence “as a strategy for political change” preceded the advent of the “Arab Spring” by citing the movements that adopted this method. He did not fail to point out the action of propagandists “who stand against religiously referenced political action, political parties claiming to be Islamic and claiming political participation … [who] inscribe in their constitutive acts the rejection of violence as a means of action”, thus acknowledging the theocratic character of their political actions. The second wave of uprisings in 2019, particularly in Algeria, demonstrated in his opinion… ‘that Arab-Muslim peoples…were also capable of aspiring to dignity…and of leading a civilised hirak…despite all the provocations of the Algerian military regime’. The subject concerns Algeria and each time Aroua generalises to “Arab-Muslim peoples”! In conclusion, he declared that he had tried to show through Islamic texts that non-violence is not foreign to Muslims; it “is not a product naively imported by our peoples, exported to us by Western agencies…”, affirming, therefore, that no one can accuse the hirak of having benefited from a foreign support.

A Hirak inspired by the “philosophy” of Rachad?

On reading his text, the uninformed can deduce that the “Hirak” in Algeria can only have been inspired by the “philosophy” of Rachad, based on non-violence, since, he says, it is inscribed on his tablets in 1987. The problem is that Aroua can only address Algerians, living in Algeria, who have participated in hundreds of thousands of demonstrations with specific slogans, in particular “no to the 5th mandate”. You really have to be dishonest to spew such an enormity at them! Everyone knows that the Islamists (the most visible), the Makists, the “self-proclaimed” democrats have “straddled” the hirak to divert it to other objectives, after obtaining the essence of the demands; with the bonus of the arrest and trial of dozens of senior civil and military officials! It is underestimating them to make them believe that it is the same hirak that exhibits slogans against the Army and the Presidential Institution! We almost forgot that the book had to answer to Bensaada’s accusations. A whole speech referring to history and religious texts to say that Islam is a serene religion. Even Western intellectuals and reasonable people know this! On the other hand, it is the Muslims who have denounced these pseudo-Muslims who abuse Islam, seen as a means of violent action, to change the regimes of their countries aided by Arab monarchies and Western countries for their hegemonic interests! – Claiming “democracy”, “freedoms”, “choice of people through elections”, etc., which can only be ensured in a republican, democratic system – and on the other hand, militating for a “Rashidian” (well-guided) governance which is none other than the Caliphate (non-existent at the time of the Prophet) with its despotism, is a mystification! Overall, through this book, “Rachad” tries to prove that they are for “democracy”, “freedoms” and “human rights” that they have never been “terrorists”; that it is the Army that killed during the bloody decade, destroyed the economic and social infrastructures, put bombs in buses…Rachad assures that if they will be in power, they will guarantee all the rights by a “Houkm errachid”! The former N°2 of the Fis declared to the public that if they will be in power “no more democracy” which is unholy (kofr), a blasphemy coming from the West. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1598739166903810 . Algeria – Terrorist Ali Belhadj (FIS leader): Democracy is Koffr (unholy) Finally, for information, Mr. Aroua published a book in January 2021 entitled “Ideological depolarisation in Algeria: An imperative for building a state of law”. On the cover he put a photo entitled “Algerian hirak 2019” where we see a Kabyle woman named Hakima Sbaihi (a pro Rachad) a teacher in Bejaia. She is, in trousers, without a hijab, next to a bearded “brother” “in kamis” and a skullcap, carrying a banner, looking at each other with a smile, in the good mood of an “ideological reconciliation”, the subject of his book.

A “brother” with Hakima Sbaihi from Béjaia sealing the “ideological reconciliation”







As this book is not our subject, it is useful to note a blatant lie. In the paragraph citing Libya, he wrote “…this deficit among the [Libyan] elites has led the country into violence and war, paved the way for the return of the old regime and opened the way for regional and international interventions in Libyan affairs”. However, the world knows that the chaos in Libya is the result of an essentially American-French-English military intervention, supported by Arab monarchies, the Muslim brothers! Pretending not to know it is another proof of his imposture! He and his friends from Rachad have allowed themselves, as privileged people, just like Bernard-Henri Levy, a trip to Libya under the wings of NATO during the “no-fly zone”!

From friendship with Johan Galtung to friendship with Abu Hafs El Mouritani and Ramy Dalati

Mr. Aroua blithely passes in friendship from the famous Norwegian sociologist Johan Vincent Galtung – a founder of the discipline of “peace and conflict” studies to whom he sent a touching letter from the Cordoba Peace Institute/Geneva – to his antithesis where he posed with the sinister Abu Hafs El Mouritani the Aqmi “fatwist” and Ramy Dalati the Al Qaeda terrorist! With his “friends” they tried to justify this photo by claiming that it was “taken out of context” while trying to prove his pacifism by his quality of member of “Cordoba Peace Institute”! A pitiful diversion in front of a photo taken in a clear context, with two Al Qaeda terrorists, which does not make mystery on its objective. What can Aroua be doing in the company of these characters if not always in the framework of concerted actions to “bring down the Arab regimes” (the Republics). The link with Algeria is the FIS, which has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and tens of billions of dollars of damage!

Aroua avec Johan Galtung





Aroua avec Ramy Dalati
et Abou Hafs El Mouritani




With Johan Vincent Galtung he said he had fond memories of their discussions on the mathematics of peace, peace journalism, the art of peace, the theory of “rank discordance” and the capacity of the mind to extract the human being from his triple conditioning induced by “Nature”, “Structure” and “Culture”. With Abu Hafs El Mouritani and Ramy Dalati (since dead), he said nothing about their meeting! Abu Hafs El Mouritani, whose real name is Sheikh Mahfouz Ould Walid, a former member of Al Qaeda who, he says, “resigned” (?!). He kept the same sectarian and criminal spirit. He then became the mufti of Al Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb (Aqmi). These ‘exploits’ in terrorism are detailed in this video (with French subtitles) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BL1595RoCnY&t=398s . Abou Hafs was the one who supported the death sentence of his compatriot Mohamed Ould Cheikh M’Kheitir! The latter, a Muslim, was “condemned to death” (in the first instance) for “apostasy” after having questioned the proven historical facts of racism of certain Muslims in relation to the same facts taking place in Mauritania against his faction, which was despised for their manual trades. The sentence was reduced to two years (on appeal) following pressure. He has since gone into exile to avoid assassination. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BL1595RoCnY&t=398sRamy Dalati was a former leader or activist of Al Qaeda, Ennosra and other brigades. In one of his videos, he repeatedly encouraged teenagers to join the jihad in Syria by sending them to their certain death (often as suicide bombers), not to mention the hundreds of women (from the Yezidi community in Syria) enslaved, raped and impregnated by his terrorist flock.

In these two cases (and many others), none of “Rachad”, “El Karama”, Aroua the director of “Cordoba for Peace” and Co. breathed a word about these human rights events or even reported these inhuman acts! Even in the case of the kidnapping, with a request for the release of their friends, of the Algerian vice-consul in Mali followed by his assassination or the execution by Al Qaeda of two Algerian diplomats in Iraq!

With his co-founding friends of Rachad and Al Karama

A. Aroua, N. Taleb, R. Mesli, M. Dhina et L. Zitout





Mourad Dhina is a founding member of Rachad and Al Karama. Like Aroua, he too declares to be against violence! According to the website of the Swiss Federal Council, it was decided on 24/10/2002 to ban Dhina “from making propaganda from Swiss territory…from justifying, encouraging or materially supporting acts of terrorism and violent extremism that are essentially aimed at disturbing order in Algeria…[he is] also forbidden…from entrusting such activities to third parties. If he does not comply with the measure taken against him, he will face expulsion … [he] cannot tolerate that Switzerland … be used in an abusive manner … because this situation compromises our country’s relations …” https://www.admin.ch/gov/fr/accueil/documentation/communiques.msg-id-23180.html. On 24 December 1999, the Canadian website CBC quoted him as saying “Dhina is believed to be actively involved in shipping weapons to terrorist organisations…” following the arrest at the Canadian border of Algerian Ahmed Rassam attempting to smuggle “a shipment of bomb-making materials into Washington state from British Columbia”. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/canada-u-s-border-security-tightened-in-terrorist-alert-1.184000 . There was also the arrest of a man and a woman at the Canada-Vermont border. The man arrested is named Bouabid Chamchi. The car belongs to Brahim Mehdi, a member of the Algerian Islamic League, one of whose founders and leaders is Dhina. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/2000/01/10/border-arrests-yield-little-calm/cdcc0ce4-65fe-4541-85bf-86822415222b/ . Dhina had declared that he did not know him and that he is “against any act of violence in the USA or in any other part of the world”…Apparently except Algeria! When interviewed by a French channel about the hundred or so journalists and intellectuals who were murdered by obscurantists on his side, he replied: “Listen…we don’t have to sink into media coverage, into selection, into condemning death; no one mourned our dead…some chose a path of confrontation…and they paid that price! Let these left-wing intellectuals have the courage to assume their action, let them say that we are engaged in a war and that some of us have paid with our lives. Let them make martyrs of them”… thus justifying these assassinations. He remains under an international arrest warrant issued by the Algerian justice system. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9CJK7RXG0s Les Rachad’s links with Al-Qaeda and the Moroccan services are known. Their aim: to conduct permanent propaganda against the Algerian state and its army since 1990, the period of terrorism of the GIA. Rachad, more for the rehabilitation of the dissolved FIS with the help of Al Qaeda terrorist leaders such as Abou Hafs Al-Mouritani, Ramy Dalati, Hassan Eddeqi and Hakem al-Mutairi!
Dhina goes in one of his videos to the point of praising the Zionist Army for reducing his country’s because, he says, “we have no defence policy and doctrine…we have zero…you want examples of states that think about their national security? Israel!”…in the same sense as Sharon on the Algerian Army in 1973! The giddy one did not see the rout that Israel has suffered and that the Israeli leaders themselves acknowledge, including the Zionist Chief of Staff David Elazar in his writings!

“Cordoba Peace Institute” a screen for Rachad/Al Karama’s actions

Its attachment to the Cordoba Peace Institute, which works for the “prevention of violence and the promotion of peace”, is therefore only a screen, which hides the Islamo-califist objectives of Rashad and Al Karama, which are united with the action instrument of the Ummah Congress (created in 2008), based in Turkey, headed by a terrorist theorist Hakem al-Mutairi. This Congress has been at the forefront of supporting the invasions of Syria, Libya and the “springing” of certain Arab states. https://nordicmonitor.com/2020/03/turkish-president-helped-out-kuwaiti-cleric-who-was-alleged-to-have-funded-jihadists-in-syria/ . This adherence to this “Moutamar” is enough to deprive them of the opportunity to disguise themselves as sane and credible organisations! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTp0IT7l93g Double-dealing is indeed the favourite sport of the Muslim Brotherhood. First they played with the Nazis, then with the USA against the USSR! It is true that “taqiya” is an invented stratagem which admits lies (by making them licit) if they defend the “supreme” cause which is the Caliphate, a system which suits the Western imperialists well! Let’s listen to Jacques-Marie Bourget (a French writer and journalist seriously wounded by the Israeli army in Ramallah) about the Muslim brothers: “Washington’s revival of this idea [instrumentalizing the Chechen, Kazakh and Uzbek communities so that they shoot the Soviets in the back], which was born during the Third Reich, has two objectives: to use the Muslims to bring down the USSR and to provide suitable rulers to put at the head of the Arab countries, since the United States, whose seal is “In god we trust”, is convinced that these “Brothers” will be unfailing friends”.

A “Dialogue Tent” for fools?

The Genevoix newspaper Le Temps reported a funny fact. A “Dialogue Tent” was set up in a public park in 2016 with the aim of encouraging exchange between inhabitants of different cultural backgrounds; supported to the tune of 20,000 francs by the City of Geneva. However, there was some “unease” when associations intervened and accused the organisers of having links with fundamentalist Islam. A leaflet was circulated denouncing “an Islamist propaganda operation […] In addition to the Islamic office such as the Fondation de l’Entre-connaissance and the Fondation Cordoue, which would be directed by an Islamist notoriously involved in the activities of the Algerian FIS. According to the newspaper, this has not failed to embarrass the authorities, including the State Councillor Charles Beer. “Embarrassed”, he distanced himself by specifying that the “State Council did not support this demonstration”. In fact, among the speakers in the debate on religious facts, some defended the possibility of teaching Islam in public schools, which “disconcerted” Philippe Borgeaud, professor of the history of religions at the University, who confided: “I had the impression of having been involved in something tendentious. There was confusion about the subject of the debate: I thought we were supposed to talk about teaching about religion, but it was mainly about teaching … the Koran in school. The “Islamist” in question is none other than Aroua, according to “Le Temps”, which states that he is “notoriously involved in the actions of the Algerian FIS. This Algerian, member of various foundations…has been living in Switzerland for several years. His name appears in various cases linked to Islamist activities…”. The newspaper also reveals that “A. Aroua met several times with Ahmed Zaoui, leader of the Coordination Council of the Islamic Salvation Front abroad, who had been judged unworthy of asylum in Switzerland and expelled in 1998 to Burkina Faso…The director of the Cordoba Foundation notably defended him in an exposé dated July 2003″…in which he saw Zaoui, who is now a refugee in New Zealand, as “a man dedicated to peace”. In response to this double game, Aroua denies being a member of the FIS, but admits his sympathy for this former party. He considers secularism to be a “respectable value”, while castigating “secular fundamentalism”. He is in favour of freedom of worship, but justifies the invitation of the former Saudi minister, who banned freedom of worship in his country for non-Muslims, by judging it “enriching to confront him with other interlocutors”.When the US Department of the Treasury decided, in 2013, to freeze the assets of Abdul Rahman Omeir al-Naimi (former director of Al Karama) for his links with Al Qaeda, his successor Mourad Dhina defended him. The Department’s statement accused him of “Abdul Rahman Omeir al-Naimi has been financing and supporting terrorism for a decade. He has provided money and material support and passed on information to Al-Qaeda and its affiliates in Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen”.At the same time, “Le Temps” uncovered an unknown case concerning the Al Karama Foundation. At the same time, “Le Temps” revealed an unknown affair concerning the Al Karama Foundation: the financing of a project in Egypt by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAE) and the City of Geneva to the tune of 245,000 francs, without giving any further details on the ins and outs.

The Caliphate: a mythical, outdated, outmoded desire!

The Caliphate – of these propagandists with a past soiled by felony – is indeed the supreme objective of the Islamists, whatever their multiple obedience. It is a question of uniting all the Muslim countries around what is called the “Umma” (community of believers) which must be governed by a Caliph where everything will be sacred and guided ! The examination of the founding texts legitimising this mode of governance clearly shows their totalitarian nature, even if this project is presented under a humanist, egalitarian base borrowed by dissimulation from the precepts of Islam! Their “system” of governance is based on their despotic morality and not on economic growth, innovation, scientific progress and culture! A “system” that is paradoxically encouraged by the imperialist West! How else can we explain that organisations classified as terrorists are still active in the streets of Paris, London and Geneva! During the so-called “black decade”, England and France welcomed hundreds of ex-FIS terrorists, who were allowed to carry out their hostile actions openly. This is what France continues to do with those of the MAK. In these political-Islamic-califist societies, whether they are doctors or not, they present the same ambivalence of discourse, the same oddities, the same failings and the same cunning connivances! Nothing can disillusion the Islamist from his violence than an eradication. Where Islamism takes hold, in all its political-ideological variants, universal values are dissipated, including patriotism! All other visions presented by “Rachad” and “Al Karama” from Switzerland, even under the shadow of the “Cordoba Peace Institute”, are nothing but imposture, lies that only fool the credulous! Let’s bet that “Rachad” and their similar parties or associations will remain frozen in the same bizarre mindset, the same archaism, including the oppression of women, the same deceptions, even in a century without being able to achieve a shred of success of their outdated, mythical, falsely sublimated, definitively bygone caliphal desire!


Translated by hope from : https://www.ahmedbensaada.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=584:2021-10-28-15-53-35&catid=46:qprintemps-arabeq&Itemid=119



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