Alaa Eddine Omrani – An authentic Algerian young man

Algeria’s Chief Ambassador defends his people’s lost right from world’s highest tribune: FIFA

What can we say about the beauty of this living work of art: a handsome, elegant, educated and intelligent young Algerian, who stands out among the best football players in the world and the world gotha of king sport on their special day that brings them together every four years, and then wins for his country from the injustice suffered by his national team and all his people during the qualifying match for the 2022 World Cup.

A picture of courage and magnanimity, courage and pride, which gives any warrior everything he needs to fight against his enemy, who came before him with usual merciless power (they are the big round ball, my brothers).

If the titles, which I mentioned above, had a name, I would call them: Alaeddin Omrani

What is all this spontaneity and outspokenness, my son, and you who walked with your head held high in the midst of indifferent and arrogant “adults” and when you felt the danger of expulsion you remained imperturbable, no and No, rather you got up and from the height of your height and honor you advanced and you fought with the proponents of corruption of big money and sick hearts by their cowardice.. and how not you who came from the country of pride and elegance, the country of Burnous, Algeria

You made me laugh when I said that the Burnous had given you prestige no, my god, but it was you who gave the Burnous its forgotten prestige, the Burnous in Algeria have prestige only when worn by hard and pure men, but traitors remain traitors even if they wear a thousand Burnous.

And then I cried when you said that they mistook you for an ambassador; You said it spontaneously without really thinking it, even jokingly WHILE the is the anchor of the horse, indeed – neither this simple writing nor the account of our brother Hope who tried so hard to identify your exceptional personality with his comments until pronouncing the shahada 3 times as a sign of impotence to find the words you deserve – will be able to describe the nobility of your initiative and your words for your people… Yes and great YES your people he deserves you and you deserve it

Alaa Amrani when he visited the national team during the African Championship in Cameroon:

Well, yes, the ambassador is indeed you, not in the figurative sense provided by a correct dress decorated with an antique Burnous, no, but in the real sense. Yes, you felt invested with the duty to convey to Eto, the president of the Cameroonian federation, the message of 50 million Algerians and the noble behind your act is indeed this spirit of responsibility that you enjoyed without hesitation or fear of consequences.

And Oh how ashamed I am, the fiftieth, when I imagined myself in your place: maybe I would have feared for my position or the risk of being expelled, etc… and such insignificant things…. but I picked myself up to be proud of the son of thoroughbred Algeria, the owner of the real Burnous: You have done justice and much more to 50 million.

This Algerian ambassador summed up the message of ‘JazairHope’ that we are always trying to spread to reach all the intellectuals of Algeria and its leaders: Which is to say NO to the sowers of despair in the hearts of young people Not to incite them to hate their country, Algeria, the country of millions of martyrs who sacrificed the dearest thing they own, their pure Blood, to water this blessed land that is the land of Algeria, to today bring about miracles like that of the Young, Oh How Great, Alaeddine Omrani and millions others unknown…..

This is our Credo and Our Fight: Cultivate hope to strengthen our youth to intensify his will to work, do, study and care and then do with his children the same thing that the parents did with him, this is how strong nations are built and not cry and lament over the ruins as the traitors try to make him believe that Algeria is inevitably submerged, that they will be cursed forever.

Thank God for the blessings of security and safety and Long live Algeria.

Text by Reda Chettibi

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