Algeria capable of becoming a leader in photovoltaic panels manufacturing

Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zeghdar affirmed, Saturday in Laghouat, that Algeria had an industrial and human potential enabling it to become a leader in the field of photovoltaic panel manufacturing and thus increase its production capacities. in this field.

In his speech on the occasion of the information day on “the promotion of local content within the framework of the SOLAR 1000 MW project, the Minister underlined that the increase in the rate of local content in this area was able to boost socio-economic and environmental development.

He called, in this regard, for the combination of efforts to instill a dynamic allowing the establishment of a local industry and to meet the challenges facing the renewable energy sector in order to take charge of the concerns of industrial operators and to create an investment-friendly environment.

In this wake, the Minister recalled the signing in April 2021 of a memorandum of understanding between the Ministries of Industry and Energy Transition on the rationalization of energy consumption in the industrial sector, having enabled the launch of several joint projects.

Mr. Zeghdar insisted, in this context, on the development of human resources to relaunch this strategic sector, hence the need to set up mechanisms and bring together the appropriate conditions allowing them to be upgraded through training and applied research.

He affirmed that his department is working on the development of an action plan relating to energy efficiency and renewable energies in the Industry sector in collaboration with the Ministries of Energy and Transition energy, through the activation of the support program for renewable energies with the European Union (EU), which has provided for the organization of numerous workshops for the coordination of efforts within the framework of the implementation of a national energy efficiency action (2021-2025).

Regarding the broadening of consultations between the various actors in this field, the Minister welcomed this approach which makes it possible to iron out the difficulties and to concretize the objectives of the energy transition programs in Algeria with a view to diversifying the sources of energy, to gradually give up fossil fuels and to reduce the import bill by establishing a local equipment industry in this field.

ENTV 14/05/2022

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