Algeria-Turkey: A long term, global and strategic diplomacy

By Mr Hassen Kacimi

The visit of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune takes place in a particular context, characterized by the unfolding of serious events, on the international and regional level. On the occasion of this visit, we can highlight the main strong points of this interview, which has a strategic character, in an exceptional situation. President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, wanted to clarify the doctrine of Algeria, in international relations, in which the world is cartelized, in a dangerous way, leaving no room for the settlement of conflicts , through peaceful and diplomatic means.

It is important to note the strong words of President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who declares that Algeria has no enemies, but in some cases there are differences on important issues, in relation to collective security, or on questions of decolonization, registered as such, within the organization of the united nations.

In all these crisogenic international relations, Algeria will mobilize to defend its interests, by favoring relations of strategic cooperation, based on the sharing of interests.

Algeria does not become negatively involved in regional conflicts or confrontations, it promotes positive neutrality and it will constantly seek not to compromise its interests.

Trade relations with Turkey are exemplary. They allowed the realization, in Algeria, of the Turkish investments, of an amount of 5 billion dollars and which were fixed, for the immediate future, at 10 billion dollars.

On important issues, in relation to crises and conflicts, there are complementary points of view between the two countries, which can contribute to the settlement of several disputes, in the Sahel, the Maghreb and Palestine.

The meeting of the Algiers-Turkish high commission, will have to be held in 2023, to evaluate the bilateral cooperation, having to make evaluate this partnership towards more important levels, in the fields of collective security, military industry, navy and of aviation.

There are ongoing negotiations with private companies in strategic areas.

It is also a question of setting up coordination and consultation mechanisms on important issues .

A cooperation council, chaired by the two presidents, will be responsible for carrying out all projects of common interest between the two countries.

Major projects in agriculture are also scheduled to guarantee food security in the two countries, and this in view of Algeria’s great potential in this area.

This niche is a powerful lever of influence in international relations.

Other investment niches are already planned, notably in several sectors, industry, tourism and culture.

On issues of collective and regional security, the two presidents noted complementary points of view, which should be expressed in the future through consultation mechanisms.

Cooperation in the field of security will be strengthened, through close coordination, between the two parties.

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The Algiers Ankara strategic axis is a reality, which aims to promote sustainable development, and the resolution of crises and conflicts, in a peaceful and diplomatic way, which must reduce foreign interventions, and which must preserve the sovereignty of peoples and the integrity of States.

Biography Mr. Hassen Kacimi:

  • 1984 – 1998 – territorial administration director
  • Deputy Director of the Movement of People, Ministry of the Interior, 1998-2008.
  • Director of the Ministry of the Interior, 2008 – first quarter of 2020.
  • Chairman of the interministerial committee, responsible for studying and monitoring migration issues (2015 – first quarter of 2020)
  • Crisis management within the operational center (2015 – first quarter 2020)
  • Representation of Algeria, abroad, as an expert.
  • International expert on migratory flows, recognized by UN organisations. Expert in the Sahel and crisis management.
  • Several communications, at the University of Political Science and the School of Political Science, as well as at the Tamentfoust War School and the Institute for Global Strategic Studies (INESG)
  • Distinction from the German Federal Institute for Advanced Security Studies.

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