Algeria’s BRICS membership, a matter of months, according to Tebboune

Abdelmadjid Tebboune thinks that Algeria’s membership of the BRICS group should be decided in the coming months. It was during an interview with “Al Jazeera”.

In fact, he was asked what Algeria’s BRICS membership represents, knowing that it is the largest Arab and African country, the largest gas exporter in Africa, the fourth largest economy in Africa and free from external debts, and he replied that these are “factors enabling Algeria to join the BRICS”.

Pragmatically, he underlined that there is still “a lot of work to be done this year to increase GDP and the rate of contribution of the industrial sector to GDP, as well as several economic indicators that we must reform further to access the BRICS”.

For the time being, four of the five countries in the group support the Algerian request, namely China, Russia, Brazil and South Africa – which holds the BRICS presidency. All that’s missing is India.

The next BRICS summit is scheduled for next summer in South Africa. And if Algeria joins, the name will necessarily have to change, and BRICS could thus become either “BRICSA“, or “BARICS“, or “BRIACS“…

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