Bad times for the Tartour of Tunis

On December 23, Tunisia’s former interim president, Moncef Marzouki, was sentenced to 4 years in prison by the Tunisian courts. It must be said that the “word” president, even interim president, does not suit this man, who will have left to posterity only his colorful and laughable nickname: the Tartour (puppet) of Tunis. Mocked and ridiculed by his own constituents, he was outvoted in the first round of the 2019 presidential election by garnering a laughable 3% of the vote. Recall that the current Tunisian president, Kais Saïed, was elected in the second round of the same election with nearly 73% of the vote.

Furthermore, a poll dated August 17, 2021 places Kais Saïed very much in the lead in voting intentions with a historic score of 91.1% while the Tartour only manages to glean an anorexic 1.2% ! This poll is all the more interesting as it was published about three weeks after the firm measures taken by the Tunisian president. Indeed, the latter had taken the decision, on July 25, 2021, to suspend the parliament and to dismiss the head of government.

This decision, so decried by Tartour and its Western or Islamist supporters, was acclaimed by the Tunisian street so that the satisfaction rate of the Tunisian president’s performance rose from 38% (June 2021) to 82% (August 2021) .

Tunisian street satisfaction rate with regard to the performance of President Kais Saïed.









It is since this courageous decision taken by the Tunisian president that the Tartour, without any popular base, began its attacks against the Tunisian head of state, calling for his dismissal and qualifying him as a “putschist” and “dictator” . In October 2021, during an interview with France 24, he said he was “proud to have participated in the postponement of the Francophonie summit scheduled for November in Djerba”.

All these attacks on foreign media have resulted in Tartour being accused of making comments “against state security and harming Tunisia’s interests abroad”.

For a very long time close to the Islamist party Ennahda and its leader Rached Ghannouchi – who allowed him to take the presidency – he is considered a “pawn of Qatar and Turkey” and a “support for the Muslim Brotherhood movement”.

In 2016, in the middle of an interview on the Islamist channel Al Hiwar, he ostensibly showed his support for the Muslim Brotherhood by making the Rabaa sign (four fingers raised and thumb folded, a rallying sign of the brotherhood).

On the Islamist channel Al Hiwar: Moncef Mazouki makes the sign of Rabaa (February 2, 2016)







Considered close to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Al Hiwar channel was funded by Qatar according to leaked statements from Sheikh Hamed Ben Khalifa himself.

It is moreover this “brotherist” allegiance that justifies its omnipresence on the sets of the Qatari channel Al Jazeera, which played a disastrous role during the ill-named Arab “spring”.

In an interview with this channel dated October 15, 2021 (see video below), the Tartour of Tunis declared “not to recognize the legality of this man” (ie Kais Saïed) and qualified the presidential decisions taken in July 2021 as ” Rebellion “. He also admitted having had discussions “abroad” asking them not to “support this putschist”.

Marzouki on Al Jazira (October 15, 2021)


As ridiculous as it may sound, The Tartour urged Tunisians to imitate the Hirak of the “grand people of Algeria” in order to force President Kais Saeid to resign as was the case for President Bouteflika in Algeria.

Create a Hirak with a declaration on Al Jazeera and… 1.2% of voting intentions! Seriously, we must admit that the Tunisians were very magnanimous with him by nicknamed him “Tartour”. Under other skies, his nickname would have been much more demeaning.

It must be said that this interim president is not except for a contradiction. He has the nerve to plebiscite the Hirak, while showing a visceral hatred against Algeria and its people!

Indeed, just days before his conviction, he accused Algeria of having granted a loan of 300 million dollars for political purposes:

“Kaïs Saïed now has the support of Algeria, and in my opinion, it’s a support that falls within the framework of the Moroccan-Algerian conflict. I hope that Tunisia will not interfere in this affair ”.

As a reminder, this loan was announced during President Tebboune’s fraternal state visit to Tunisia (December 15-16, 2021).

A few months earlier, in February 2021, The Tartour had aroused the ire of the Algerian people by accusing Algeria of “interference in Tunisian affairs” during the Tunisian “spring”.

And that’s not all. He made very hostile remarks towards Algeria, comparing it to a “trader of dreams who sells illusions to the Polisario” and, openly espousing the Moroccan positions on Western Sahara, he did not hesitate to attribute to the Algeria the failure of the construction of the Arab Maghreb Union.

King Mohammed VI and Moncef Marzouki (May 30, 2014)








As for the Hirak, the Tartour did not only praise him Platonically. He actively participated in it by rubbing shoulders with the Islamist movement Rachad, an organization classified as terrorist by the Algerian government.

It was he, in fact, who signed the preface to the poor collective work commissioned by Rachad which was supposed to respond to my book “Who are these self-proclaimed tenors of the Algerian Hirak?” “.

You should know that Rachad’s disparate collection, called “In Defense of the Hirak” required the recruitment of seven different authors and that it is distributed free on the Net, which says a lot about the financial resources of the Islamist movement, element central adulterated Hirak.

To get an idea of ​​the content of this work, it is funny to note that the name “Bensaada” has been mentioned 475 times, or about 1.5 times per page, including covers and blank pages! Is this a review of a book or a collection of ad personam attacks on its author? But at seven, in the company of the Tartour of Tunis, and under Rachad’s “blessing”, it is more akin to an abortive attempt at “lynching”.

This collaboration of the Tartour with Rachad not only confirms the collusion of the former interim president with the international Islamist nebula but also his desire to directly harm the interests of Algeria.

As the “rachadists” know how to be grateful to their “collaborators”, they came to the defense of the Tartour through their chief perorator, specialist in cyberspace logorrhea, the “famous” Sir Zitout himself! And guess on which channel? Al Hiwar, of course!

Zitout on the Al Hiwar channel (December 23, 2021)


Speaking of logorrhea, it is interesting to note an astonishing rhetorical mimicry between Sir Zitout and the Tartour Marzouki towards their respective governments. But without popular foundations, they are both vulgar acoustic phenomena that only irritate the eardrums.

It is not only on Algeria that the Tartour is pouring out its gall. Even more abominable is his behavior towards Syria when he was “interim”.

First of all, he was one of the first to welcome the Syrian National Council (CNS) to his soil. Thus, the 200 members of the CNS met in Tunis on December 16, 2011, headed by Burhan Ghalioun.

Burhan Ghalioun, president of the CNS and Moncef Marzouki (Tunis, December 16, 2011)









Then, he unilaterally broke off his country’s diplomatic relations with Syria in February 2012. His then Foreign Minister declared a few years later that “it was former President Moncef Marzouki who would have taken this position. decision in a unilateral manner and that he, as Minister of Foreign Affairs, was against ”.

A few weeks later, on February 24, 2012, he hosted the first “Friends of the Syrian People” conference.

First Conference of “Friends” of Syria (Tunis, February 24, 2012)








Tartour, a friend of Syria! We will have seen it all!

The response came from the Syrian Minister of Information who denounced the event, calling it a “Conference of Friends of Washington and enemies of Syria.”

Ah, those famous “friends” of Syria who, from country to country, have come together to systematically and methodically destroy this beautiful country, feeding jihadists head-cutters and heart-eaters!

Ah, those famous “friends” of Syria who caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Syrian citizens and drove millions more into exodus!

What a beautiful friendship!

After having hosted the CNS, severed diplomatic relations and organized the conference of “friends” of Syria, the Tartour certainly appears in the list of the greatest enemies of this country. History will remember him as a terrible person with hands stained with Syrian blood.

It is no coincidence, moreover, that he was accused in 2017 by the then Syrian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs “of having sent thousands of young Tunisians to Syria to lend a hand to terrorist groups ”.

Misguided HumanRightist, failed politician, inveterate warrior, hateful “Islamawist”, this Don Quixote in a burnous has ended up fighting against the mills of his own country. Will it finally learn from it and evaporate into nature so that it no longer continues to pollute everything it touches?

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