Bellara iron and steel complex: 100,000 tons of iron products exported within four months

100,000 tons of iron products were exported during the first four months of the current year by the Algerian-Qatari Iron and Steel Complex in Bellara (Jijel), said Monday the company’s assistant director general, Sofiane Chaib Setti.

The same official told the Algerian News Agency that the Ballara Iron and Steel complex managed to reach the threshold of exporting 100,000 tons of iron products during the first four months of this year, with a financial value of $75 million.

The same official stated that the most important iron products that were exported during this period were mainly iron slabs and iron wires, to begin exporting reinforced iron (construction) at the end of May.

He added that the export operations carried out by the Complex fall within the framework of the state’s general policy aimed at diversifying and expanding exports outside hydrocarbons, noting that the exported iron reached many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States of America.

The Bellara Iron and Steel Complex is expected to export between 250 thousand tons to 300 thousand tons of iron products, and between 220 and 250 million dollars in revenues during 2022, according to Sofiane Chaib Setti.

ENTV 17/05/2025

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